Test Data Analysis

With our more than two decades of expertise in signal processing & test data analysis, we offer test data services for all your RLDA data.

We carry out data analysis in both time and frequency domains for your Gigabytes of multi-channel data.

We clean your multi-channel data and convert it into value-added “information” for your Design and Test Teams to understand the product usage.

We help you understand the forces, stresses, vibration levels within your structures and also the Duty Cycle to which your vehicles / products are exposed.

This is a key information for designers in arriving at an optimum design.

With this key information in hand, we go further and help you in arriving at an appropriate Test Program for a laboratory based evaluation.

For component level tests we help you in arriving at a suitable program that would comprise a series of constant amplitude tests, block programs or accelerated multi poster tests at a full vehicle level.

For a comprehensive Powertrain Test Program for gearboxes & driven axles we convert the product Duty Cycle to an accelerated bench test for a rapid validation.

For components like exhaust pipes, mufflers, mirrors, fuel tanks, battery boxes, instrument clusters, filters, air cleaners etc that are characterised by vibration loads, we can arrive at an accelerated test cycle on an electrodynamic shaker which enables you in saving cost and time for a thorough validation.

For an accelerated Proving Ground validation of your vehicles we can map the Real World Customer Usage Pattern (RWUP) data along with proving ground tests for an optimum “test recipe mix” which will help you carry out a holistic validation