Mahesh Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., offers combustion modelling & simulation software tool kits & services for simulating the performance and emissions of internal combustion engines and reactors (in general).

These software tool kits are from Computational Modelling Mambridge Limited (CMCL Innovations) Cambridge, UK who are in operation for over 10 years now. These tools, based on chemical kinetics and combustion physics are primarily used to study chemical combustion & kinetics related problems. These simulation kits work like a 1-D tool but results are comparable to a 3-D CFD simulation. This is achieved by transforming the 1-D parameters into a continually evolving distribution in the “Ø-T space” [Equivalence Ratio vs Temperature] which enables a simulation similar to a 3-D space. This ensures that the running or simulation time is only a small fraction of what a full 3-D CFD simulation requires.


The Chemical Kinetics Model Builder is to apply, build & design chemical reactors for engineering applications. Examples would be chemical process equipment, boilers, reaction vessels and the like. These chemical engineering kits come with a state-of-art chemical solvers and associated data libraries.

SRM Engine Suite

Stochastic Reactor Model based simulation kit that is specially built for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) applications. These are for simulating the performance and exhaust emissions from ICE under any operating condition(s). Simulation results include gaseous emissions (HC, CO, NOx) as well as soot mass (PM) and particle number (PN). Proven solvers are available for different fuel burning ICE like gasoline, Diesel, CNG, Methane, Natural Gas, Ethanol, Hydrogen etc. A key factor of these tools is the estimation of exhaust Particle Size Distribution down to nanometers.

Special tools have also been built to study and optimise After Treatment devices and methodologies. Comprehensively these help Powertrain designers to deploy different fuels, injection strategies, breathing mechanisms, spark ignitions and after treatment techniques.


The Model Development Suite is an advanced numerical and statistics tool employing multi objective optimisation algorithms for the overall design. Examples would be - automated calibration of engine test data with the numerical model, arriving at control strategies for engine operations (helps in ECU programming), estimate performance trends, carry out sensitivity analyses for a range of parameters.

The salient point to be noted about these tools is that they can be operated either as a stand-alone or can be plugged into the standard 1D & 2D tools used in the powertrain industry to complement & enhance their capabilities