Mahesh Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., provides consulting, services & solutions for vehicle testing & validation requirements. Our products and services have reached vehicle & product designers and test engineers across all vehicle platforms and has thus helped them in measuring, understanding, validating and improving their designs.

Operating from Pune since 1994, we have added value to all major OEMs, high-end engineering services providers, tier-1 suppliers & engineering consultants for their Product Design, Testing & Validation as well as CAE based Fatigue Simulation requirements.

We deliver services for Vehicle Instrumentation, Road Load Data Acquisition, Test Data Analysis, Test & CAE based Fatigue Analysis as well as Technology Training & Know-how Sessions.

For data acquisition requirements our product portfolio includes rugged multi-channel high speed data acquisition systems from Hi-Techniques, USA.

We also deliver on the environmental front with our combustion modelling & simulation software tool kits from CMCL Innovations, Cambridge, UK. These assist powertrain designers & developers in optimising their products for both performance and exhaust emissions.