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Test Data Automation :-

This is a typical scenario in any organization that carries out continuous product development.

Since testing & validation is an inseparable part of product development, any company, over a span of a few years and over a few development projects generates an enormous amount of data which is practically very difficult to organize, store, retrieve, search and re-analyse over a period of time, unless you are very organized ….

Imagine a situation in which a Test Manager would like to retrieve an archived 8 month old test data and re-analyse it with a new algorithm or by using a new method to compare the yesteryear results with the present one.

This would be possible easily had there been an organized way of indexing, sorting and storing all project data. Raw test data, processed and cleaned data, test results, project reports, pictures, minutes of meetings, video files …

nCode Automation can do all that for you. Store, search, index, retrieve and re-analyse any archived data. Also send emails of reports to all people within the loop. That too automatically….

nCode Automation is an environment to learn from large amounts of test data and share the knowledge. Using nCode Automation you can

Store all your data in an organized way
Find the right data when you need it
Automate your data analysis and publish reports
Spend less time looking for data and maximize your testing time
Create accurate and fast value-added reports
Operate within a secure networked / web environment
Access data from anywhere in the world with a web browser

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"Without Data .... You are Just Another Opinion".
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