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A powerful data processing system for engineering test data analysis ....

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An FE based fatigue analysis tool for virtual fatigue simulation …

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A web based test data management system which allows to store, retrieve & analyse test data automatically …
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Customer Correlation Test Data Analysis Data Acquisition

We offer tools as well as services to bring your customer Real World Usage Pattern (RWUP) to an optimized proving ground test program …
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We offer signal processing services for analyzing all your test data in time & frequency domains which will lead to a better understanding of product usage...
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We provide a very comprehensive field as well as laboratory data acquisition services for testing & validation of your products …
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Mahesh Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mahesh Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
is a pioneer in providing solutions and services for vehicle durability evaluation – be it a test or a CAE simulation domain. In operation since 1994, over a span of two decades Mahesh Software has been a leading supplier of
In Vehicle Road Load Data Acquisition and Analysis solutions and services
Fatigue Test Planning and Analysis Consultancy Services
Design Analysis Software and Services for Durability
Engineering Data Management Software

Operating from Pune, we offer durability solutions and services to our customers all over India, which help them enhance their Product Lifecycle Performance experience while providing value-added inputs to the Product Design. Our clientele includes all major OEMs, high-end engineering service providers, tier-1 suppliers & engineering consultants. Our software and services help resolve issues not only related to fatigue & failure but also about design of your products / components. We help you in optimizing the testing / simulation schedule and reducinge valuation time whilstminimizing cost and avoiding unexpected failures.
Contact us if you have requirements related to
High channel count high speed data acquisition & analysis requirements from strain, acceleration, displacement,          GPS, CAN, voltage …..
End-to-end services right from strain gaging, data acquisition thru’ data analysis.
Fatigue evaluation of your structures.
Accelerated fatigue test planning for your components.
CAE based durability evaluation.
Big data base Test Data Management.
Customized training on fatigue and data processing.
Optimizing customer road usage to proving ground or test rig cycles.
Bringing your road data to rigs

For any fatigue and durability related issues contactus. Our expert engineers / specialists can help you solve your problems

"Without Data .... You are Just Another Opinion".
Data Acquisition Data Analysis Training Products
Fatigue evaluation.
Test-CAE correlation
RLDA analysis
Structural fatigue test
CAE fatigue analysis
Accelerated fatigue test
Powertrain data
Test Optimisation
Test data management
Signal Processing
Strain Gaging
Practical Fatigue Theory
Test Fatigue
CAE Fatigue
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